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FOR SALE                                                                          See below for Sale Policy
SILVER FOX                           (fully pedigreed)

Rabbits can not be held for extended periods of time due to limited cage space (unless we have a written agreement and they have been paid for in full).   If the animal(s) does not get picked up at the agreed upon time,  any deposits will be forfeited. If more time for pick up is needed than was originally agreed upon, then a housing fee may be charged to continue to hold the animal(s).

Payment in full is expected before the animal(s) can go to their new home. Cash is preferred. Personal checks will have to clear before the animal will be available for pick up. 

No rabbit is sold younger then 8 weeks of age. 

Most babies have not been handled daily.  They will have their own unique personalities. Some will not mind being picked up and held while others may be more skittish until they get used to your scent and mannerisms

I sell both pedigreed rabbits and pet quality rabbits.  Please keep in mind, a rabbit sold as 'pet quality' will not have a pedigree or may only have a partial pedigree.

I do not and can not guarantee that a rabbit will do well at shows. I will give my honest opinion and assist in every way possible to provide the best possible rabbit to suit your purpose.

An animal’s purchase price will not be refunded unless something unforeseen happens while the animal is still in my care. Should the rabbit become ill after deposit is paid, a rabbit of equal value may be substituted. Once the animal leaves my barn, their responsibility becomes their new owner’s. I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to an animal after it is sold. Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the animal will be healthy before they leave my barn. Please read up on proper care for your new rabbit before buying it to ensure that you can care for your new pet properly. If you have any questions about rabbit care, feel free to contact me.

I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time or refuse a sale to anyone I choose.

Transportation of the rabbit is sole responsibility of the buyer. I do not ship animals.

Older breeding/show animals are often sold when I am keeping one of their offspring. 

​CALIFORNIAN      (full and partially pedigreed)
The availability date on our Silver Fox rabbits only indicates the first possible date we will allow them to leave the rabbitry.  They are 8 weeks old at this time, however, not all of our kits will be available on that date. We often choose to hold kits until they are 12 to 16 weeks to evaluate them for qualities necessary for showing and/or to keep them to add to our breeding stock.  
We have a waiting list for our Silver Fox at this time.  Please feel free to contact us to be added to the list or to determine when we may have kits available in the future. 
We have a waiting list for our Californians at this time. Please feel free to contact us to be added to the list or to determine when we may have kits available in the future.